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Comprehensive Business Exam Comprehensive Business Exam℠

Welcome to a new measure of collegiate business education!

The CBE℠ is a criterion-referenced exam designed to assess the core business content knowledge of soon-to-graduate college seniors who will earn an undergraduate business degree. Students should ideally take the CBE℠ during the semester of their graduation from a four-year college.

Content. The CBE℠ assesses eight of the most common professional components taught in any four-year business degree program.

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Economic Environment
  • Social Environment
  • Legal Environment
  • International Business

Students respond to online testing

Immediate results. The CBE℠ is an online exam, which makes testing easy for students and provides immediate results. When a student submits the test for grading their exam score immediately appears on the screen as a detailed standards performance summary report.

Reports. Academic institutions receive detailed performance reports via e-mail. Aggregate and disaggregate proficiency levels and aggregate descriptive statistics are included in the reports. Proficiency levels are listed for the overall exam as well as each of the eight component areas. Levels include Mastery, Proficient, Basic, and Not Proficient.

Easy Registration. The CBE℠ can be administered at any time of the year. Simply call (866) 277-5061 to schedule your individual testing window.