CBE℠ 2015-2016 Fee Schedule

At only $20 per exam seat, the CBE is an affordable solution for outcomes assessment testing.

Exam Seat
One online exam delivered per participant. Includes email delivery of the following standard reports: * Individual Student Report (Disaggregated), Comparison Report to Business Seniors at peer institutions, and Overall Proficiency (Disaggregated).
per student seat
Additional Reports
Includes email delivery of the following additional reports: * Summary of Assessment Statistics, Aggregated Proficiency, Objective Percentage, Comparison Report to total population, and Testing Roster (student name, testing date and raw score).
No charge
per report
Peer Statistics
*List of peer mean and mode scores.
per report
Assessment Statistics by demographic
* Assessment statistics listed by student demographic.
per report
Combined Data Reports
* Aggregated data from multiple testing windows.
per report
Item Analysis
* Domain, objective, Item number, number of students scored correct and number of students scored incorrect.
per report
Custom Reports
* Contracted creation of a new report or a customization of an existing report
per hour
CBE Certificate Preparation
Includes up-to two PDF files of ready-to-print certificates for students earning an overall proficiency rating of Mastery or Proficient.
per testing window
* Reports are generated upon receipt of forms used in administering the CBE℠. These forms are included in the CBE Proctor Guide.

Prices Effective July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016