CBE℠ Purpose and Uses


The Comprehensive Business Exam provides a valid and reliable measure of the general business knowledge undergraduate students possess as they near graduation with a general business degree.

The CBE is designed to assess the knowledge and concepts presented in the core courses required for an undergraduate degree in business.


Results from the Comprehensive Business Exam can provide important data for program review and improvement. Faculty and university administrators can use the CBE results to:

  • Take stock of their business degree program by comparing the performance of their senior business majors to the performance of senior business majors at peer institutions,
  • Judge the effectiveness of their program in preparing students,
  • Document the change over time in students’knowledge of business content. Faculty can administer a pretest using the CBE to freshman/sophomore students who have declared a business major and then again as these students approach graduation,
  • Track over time the performance of different cohorts of business majors,
  • Prepare accountability documents for governing boards and accrediting agencies,
  • Gauge what senior students have learned over the four years in their core business degree courses, and finally,
  • Establish within their degree program a culture of accountability and evidence that uses data to drive decisions about program changes and improvements.